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Themes and tracks

1. Literacy, education and governance

  • Ocean literacy and Education for a sustainable future

  • Governance, active citizenship, and coastal communities

2. Planning and management

  • Marine and coastal spatial planning and green/blue infrastructure 

  • Source to sea – River basin and coast interactions 

  • Nature-based solutions for coastal ecosystem restoration and management

3. Blue and circular economy

  • Blue and circular economy in coastal areas

  • Fisheries, Aquaculture and other sea food resources

  • Tourism and Port Activities

  • Innovative energy production and mineral resources

4. Risks and climate change

  • Climate change adaptation processes and strategies

  • Risk assessment and management and emergency planning

  • Offshore and nearshore infrastructure for coastal protection 

  • EU policy and projects – managing global change and environmental risks 


5. Coastal monitoring, mapping and modelling technologies

  • Remote sensing and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)

  • Geospatial technologies (GIS) 

6. Ecosystems, ecological services and biodiversity

  • Coastal Ecosystem restoration and management 

  • Biodiversity, coastal ecosystems, nature conservation and ecosystem services

7. Aquatic ecology and quality

  • Ecotoxicology and risk assessment

  • Marine litter and microplastic

  • Bioremediation

  • Biosedimentary Dynamics of coastal environments

  • Wastewater treatment, emerging components, and coastal water quality

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