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Adapt our coast to a sustainable future

Coastal areas are very dynamic ecosystems that have been crucial for human activities for centuries. Its remarkable beauty, unique resources and exceptional ecosystem services make these areas extremely attractive for humans to live in. However, with the increase of population density in coastal areas, several environmental problems arise from that pressure, namely pollution, overfishing and habitats degradation, among others, causing losses in biodiversity and ecosystem services. These problems, nevertheless, are cross-bordered and, for that reason, it is important to involve local, national and international decision-makers, as well as international organizations through treaties and policies that can help achieve both conservation and economic growth in marine environments.

Nowadays, millions of people live in already sensible and vulnerable coastal areas, many of them below or very near sea-level. Besides the pressures caused by humans, coastal areas and its communities are also exposed to extreme events, that endanger population and coastal infrastructures, causing economic and environmental losses. Climate Change will aggravate these issues, causing these areas to become even more vulnerable to environmental risks. According to IPCC, it is expected that sea-level will rise in the next century and that storms will become more energetic and violent, with increased frequency. This will increase the risk of overtopping and flooding, as well as the damage and destruction of structures and dune erosion.

Urgency to act combined with the large-scale societal changes call for new solutions in every sphere of our societies. For that reason, Littoral22 conference is a multidisciplinary event that aims to address these issues in an integrative and comprehensive manner. To this end, we invite contributions, which either explore the sustainability implications of coastal areas and/or provide solutions to the challenges presented above. This conference intends to bring together delegates from all over the world to collaborate and discuss the most current coastal research studies and projects. The discussions and knowledge that will emerge from the conference represent an invaluable resource for coastal scientists, engineers, and managers.

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